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“I adored Dani and found myself rooting for this spunky heroine.”

- Rhonda Stapleton, author of STRUCK

“Dani is such a vibrant character that she leaps right off the pages and into your heart.”

- Cynthia Justlin, author of HER OWN BEST ENEMY

“Dani is goofy, snarky and adorable.”

- BookishTrish from Between the Lines blog

relax of ballerina Name: Daniela Spevak
Nickname: Dani
Age: Almost 15 (fine, not almost)
Class Year: Freshman
Hometown: Sparta, NJ
Personality: Girl Next Door
Interests: Ballet; Solving mysteries
Notable Roles: Cast member on Teen Celebrity Dance-Off; Understudy to Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker
Likes: Nick. No, Craig. No, Nick! No, definitely Craig. I think?
Um, what was the question?
Maya Name: Maya Sapp
Age: 15
Class Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Bronx (New York City)
Personality: Bossy and opinionated
Interests: Tap; Contemporary; Jazz; Musical Theatre; Joining Dani in her snooping
Notable Roles: Cast member on Teen Celebrity Dance-Off; Corps member in Nutcracker
Analisa Name: Analisa San Miguel
Nickname: Bunhead
Age: 15
Class Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Los Gatos, CA
Personality: Resident Worrywort and Unofficial Mother Hen
Interests: Ballet; Keeping Dani and Maya out of trouble (hey, somebody’s gotta do it!)
Notable Roles: Cast member on Teen Celebrity Dance-Off; Snow Queen in Nutcracker; Invited to attend Summer Intensive at Manhattan Ballet Conservatory
Craig Name: Craig Washosky
Stage Name: Craig Walsh*
Age: 17
Class Year: Senior
Hometown: Billerica, MA
Personality: Jock-turned-Actor
Interests: Football; Acting
Notable Roles: Jackson in Midnight; Dan in First Down; Headed to Yale in the fall?
Nick1 Name: Nick Galliano
Age: 17
Hometown: Los Angeles
Personality: Hollywood Wonderboy
Interests: Starring in movies; Playing video games; Dating starlets and socialites; Avoiding the paparazzi
Notable Roles: Cast member on Teen Celebrity Dance-Off; Zac in First Down
Hadley Name: Hadley Taylor
Nickname: Miss Sugar Plum
Age: 16
Class Year: Junior
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ by way of Dallas
Personality: Dani’s Frenemy
Interests: Ballet; Shopping; Beauty Pageants; Boys
Notable Roles: Cast member on Teen Celebrity Dance-Off; Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker (for second year in a row!); Daughter of a cast member on Trophy Wives of Scottsdale reality show
Kat Name: Katrina Holmes**
Nickname: Kat
Age: 18
Class Year: Senior
Hometown: Staten Island (New York City)
Personality: Laid back
Interests: Dancing, singing, & acting – a Triple Threat; Creative Writing
Notable Roles: Clara in Nutcracker; Kicked out of cast of Teen Celebrity Dance-Off when she got a concussion
Bev Name: Beverly Marcus***
Nickname: Bev
Age: 16
Class Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Portland, OR
Personality: Goth
Interests: Art; Video Games
Notable Roles: Dani’s largely uncommunicative roommate
GrandmaRose Name: Rose McIver
Nickname: Grandma Rose
Age: Old enough to know better
Hometown: New York City, but thinking of moving to Sedona, AZ
Personality: “Eccentric” doesn’t even begin to describe her
Interests: Tarot; Psychic conventions; Pole-dancing classes at local senior center
Notable Roles: Dani’s grandmother; Has been married at least 4 times (that we know about); Used to work for the United Nations (supposedly as a “secretary”, but isn’t that really just code for “spy”?)





* Craig’s headshot courtesy Kamil Kantarcıoğlu.
** Kat’s headshot courtesy Arielle Weiler.
*** Bev’s headshot courtesy Peter Gustafson.

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