Do you hate the term “need to know,” like when someone says that something is on a “need to know basis only?” I do, too. Mostly because I seem to rarely fall into the group “needing to know.”

But by visiting my website, you’ve officially achieved “need to know” status. So here are some fun extras and backstory for you to learn more about the worlds in my books. Enjoy!

On this page, you can check out the super fun book trailers for my Dani Spevak Mystery Series, as well as listen to a podcast of me on National Public Radio!

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Meet the characters in the Dani Spevak Mystery Series!

Here you can peek into Dani’s world.

Don’t know the difference between a changement and the cha-cha? Look up the dance terms used in the Dani Spevak series here!

Dani can’t eat peanuts, but that doesn’t mean she’s limited in what she can eat! Get yummy recipes for safe foods here.

Plus there’s other fun stuff coming soon! Check back later for recipes, play lists, and much more!

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Did you know...Amanda has 18 cousins, ranging in age from 12 to 48?