Pointe of No Return

Aspiring ballerina Dani Spevak’s visions of sugar plums are dashed when she’s assigned to understudy her nemesis, Hadley Taylor, in the Nutcracker. Pretty, popular, and rich, that girl has all the luck. Or so she thought.

When Hadley mysteriously disappears with opening night just around the corner, Dani can’t sit idly by, even if it means losing the part. Now she’s running all over Phoenix in a race against the clock. From reality TV trophy wives to sleazy real estate developers to a possible drug ring, the cast of suspects begins to add up. Will she find Hadley before the curtain rises?

Barnes & Noble called Pointe of No Return a “compelling read from an author you need to know”!

Pointe of No Return was the November 2012 selection in the Washington Loves Romance online book club.

What they’re saying:

“Amanda Brice builds on her sparkling debut, Codename: Dancer, with her new book, Pointe of No Return. From the authentic atmosphere of a ballet boarding school to the recognizable humor and angst of teenage girls, Pointe of No Return hits all the right notes and kept me turning the pages.”

- Former professional ballerina Miriam Landis-Wenger, author of Girl in Motion and Breaking Pointe

Pointe of No Return had me anxiously watching the mystery unfold. Amanda Brice provides a fresh voice and bouncy writing style that will have you entertained from the get-go.”

- Marley Gibson, author of the popular Ghost Huntress series and Radiate

“Amanda Brice charms and entertains with this clever, fast-paced mystery. I adored Codename Dancer, but this sequel blew me away. Amanda Brice brings YA mystery like nobody else.”

- Juli Alexander, author of My Life As the Ugly Stepsister and Stirring Up Trouble

“Amanda Brice is a master of adding laughter to suspense.”

- Lucia, age 16

“If you love mysteries and love to dance, this is the book for you I literally couldn’t put it down and was laughing so hard throughout.”

- Madisyn, age 15

“I love these books because they’re suspenseful. My mom and aunt love them, too.”

- Devon, age 14

“I’ve recommended this series to my entire dance class. Don’t read it at night before school or you’ll never get to sleep.”

- Bethany, age 13

November 2011

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To be released Winter 2013!

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